Oliver Bendel

Oliver Bendel (Prof. Dr.) is the founder of He studied philosophy as well as information science and wrote his doctoral thesis at the University of St. Gallen about anthropomorphic software agents. Bendel has been researching information ethics and machine ethics for years (, He lives in Zurich and works as a professor in Basel, Olten, and Windisch (

Yuefang Zhou

Yuefang Zhou (PhD) is a visiting scientist at the University of Potsdam.  She worked for many years in healthcare communication at the University of St Andrews ( Her current research interest is on social cognition in human-robot interactions, in particular human-robot intimate relationships ( 

Monika Simmler

Monika Simmler (PhD) is a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in criminal law, criminology and the sociology of law at the University of St. Gallen. Her main research interest lies in the theoretical, philosophical and sociological foundation of the criminal law, especially with regard to the challenges of the digital age. Her current habilitation project addresses the attribution of legal responsibility in socio-technical systems and cases of human-machine interaction (

Ayanda Rogge

Ayanda Rogge is a doctoral student of Prof. Dr. Sven Engesser and Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel and works (since fall 2019) as a research assistant at the Institute of Media and Communication at the TU Dresden. Her research focuses on post- and transhumanistic developments, such as emotionally intelligent machines, and human-robot interaction – with special emphasis on the design of human-machine communication and anthropomorphic framing. In her doctoral thesis, she investigates communication components that lead to a higher interaction rate between humans and machines in social contexts.